About Michael

About Michael

Hello and Welcome to my Website.

I hope that you find the content interesting and if you are looking for answers I hope you find them here. If not please ask!

My Story

I am from London and have a passion for decorative, Antique, Vintage, Retro and interesting lighting and the effects these can have on a living environment.

I now live in Watford Hertfordshire around 20 Miles north of central London.

In my early years I trained as a draughtsman, this was in the days when technical drawings were made using drawing pens, pencils and scale rulers. My jobs have varied greatly from large building contractors to smaller engineering companies.

As the years rolled on I found myself trained on and using computer aided drawing programmes “AutoCAD”. After the internet launched, and with time,  I found myself emailing large drawings to customers all around the world.

I was from the last generation that would have gone from the extremes of actually “posting” large drawing paper prints in the post to emailing drawings for immediate review by a customer. I found myself fascinated by the internet, emails and webpages and the amazing possibilities that these “new” tools held.

My interest in lighting started when I was very young and was sparked by my Aunt Maureen.

In the 1970s my Aunt worked at really “trendy” Central London department store called Heals of Tottenham Court Road.

During this late 1960s and 1970s period Heals had a wide range of interesting lighting and interior design pieces which were cutting edge in terms of design and function. Being an employee my Aunt had access to some excellent pieces of lighting and I recall being in awe when I visited her home seeing pieces that looked space age in comparison to the run-of-the-mill lighting that was available in most high streets.

Terence Conran Mac Lamps, Spun Fiberglass Rocket Lamps, Danish flying saucer ceiling pendants – All of these were to be found at my Aunts house.

The influence of those years has stayed with me and has given me the foundation of what I do today.

I started selling items of lighting on eBay and quickly discovered that there was a huge world wide market for all types of interesting lighting and collectable items.

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This is me.

So Many Questions – Not Many Answers

There are so many questions regarding the choice of lighting for a particular setting.

I have been selling lighting for many years now and it has become apparent that unbiased information and guidance is difficult to find.

The Aim of my Website

I would like my Website to become a resource for information regarding decorative lighting and its applications, I would like to think that people who visit will have fun and enjoy their time here and I would love to hear from people who have similar ideas.

If you ever need help or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Kind Regards

Michael Adkins


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