Sculptural Table Lamps

Sculptural Table Lamps

What makes a sculptural table lamp?

If we think of the word sculptural we tend to think of carved figures, works of art and abstract decorations in ceramics, stone and other materials. In terms of Indoor sculptural table lamps the same principles can apply, however with the practicalities of modern living spaces sculptural lighting can be thought of in terms of volume, form and profile but also materials with a certain feel and a tactile nature. A sculptural lamp can be of simple design but may have a profile that stands both in use and unlit, It can be a lamp that has a great volume, that becomes a centrepiece for a space or it can have a sculptural feel from the material used in its construction. Of course, some sculptural table lamps can be a combination of all these aspects, the most important thing of all is that the user loves the lamp!

In the United Kingdom, many companies exist, that have decades of experience producing quality indoor decorative lighting.In this post, I will show you some of my favourite & unique quality sculptural lamps from one of these companies called Graham & Green. Graham & Green is an independent family-run business that started in 1974 with its first shop in the trendy Notting Hill in West London. The company started its online business in 1999 and has now gained a reputation for offering unique and beautifully designed quality homewares at an affordable price. Graham & Green offers a range of interior design items, and lighting including these unique sculptural table lamp options.

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Sculptural Table Lamps

This large and striking lamp is Handcrafted from recycled glass, this extra-large green lamp is a true statement structural piece with the material, volume and colour working in combination. Featuring an oversized bulb-shaped base with a white fabric cord running through the middle, this bottle green lamp will make a structural impact in any space. These large Graham and Green glass lamps are available in a range of colours. Dimensions – 58 Cm High x 36 Cm Diameter


Sculptural Table Lamps

The Tall Brika lamp has an unusual shape, crafted from metal with an antiqued bronze finish and a textured ribbed design, the Brika uses profile, finish and texture to make a sculptural statement. Shown finished with a luxurious metallic lined lampshade. Dimensions – 42 Cm High x 20 Cm Diameter



Sculptural Table Lamps

The Clemance is a large wooden lamp with a structural profile. A minimalist table lamp made of geometric shapes piled on top of one another to form a sculptural silhouette. Shown with a Rattan Natural shade which provides the perfect counter to the dark finish. Dimensions – 44 Cm High x 9 Cm Diameter


Sculptural Table Lamps

A table lamp crafted from terracotta with a hand-textured pattern and applied dark finish this lamp is topped with a striking lamp shade made from natural raffia which is braided at the centre so that it casts unusual patterns of light around the room. A sculptural and textural lighting style that provides structural impact in use, ideal for the bohemian home. Dimensions – 32 Cm High x 12 Cm Diameter


Sculptural Table Lamps

A rustic yet elegant table lamp hand-crafted from terracotta with a pale-washed finish and a ribbed surround, the Vertical ridges add a sculptural and structural feel to this large lamp which allows shadows and highlights to come into play when lit and in use. Shown with a rustic Hessian shade. Dimensions – 38 Cm High x 16 Cm Diameter


Sculptural Table Lamps

A Large and imposing Hand Blown glass table lamp In a vibrant shade of Turquoise, this handmade lamp has a sculptural organic tapered shape with varying textures in the glass. Shown with a velvet shade to complement the glasswork. Dimensions – 43 Cm High x 21.5 Cm Diameter at the base.


Sculptural Table Lamps

A true sculptural lamp based on forms of nature with Ancient Gingko leaves unfurling and fanning out from this gold-finished table lamp. Shown topped with a black lampshade that will radiate style. When lit and ani used this sculptural lamp will shine and provide a wonderful lighting effect. Dimensions – 61.5 Cm High x 30 Cm Diameter.


Sculptural Table Lamps

A more traditional tall table lamp features a turned lamp base made of metal with a striking and sculptural & structural profile, simple in design but set against a plain backdrop the profile of this lamp will shine. Shown topped with a regal velvet lampshade to complement the dark finish of the Lena lamp. Dimensions – 51 Cm High x 17 Cm Diameter


A Cast and hand-finished Aluminium structural piece of lighting, a truly minimalist table lamp, the Julio features a sleek and sculptural silhouette that will perfectly frame an opulent velvet lamp shade shown in this image. Dimensions – 53 Cm High x 15 Cm Diameter.


Sculptural Table Lamps

A truly unique sculptural metal table lamp featuring a striking linear design with an antiqued gold-finished metal body sitting on a luxurious green marble base. An eye-catching sculptural statement lamp Handmade and finished in India by talented artisans. Dimensions – 53 Cm High x 21 Cm Diameter


Sculptural Table Lamps

A quirky sculptural table lamp handcrafted in India from terracotta, the Naboo has a unique textured and tactile design with a natural raw finish which adds to the unique profile. The Naboo would carry a bright or patterned shade perfectly. Dimensions – 43 Cm High x 24 Cm Diameter


Sculptural Table Lamps

A Scandi-inspired sculptural table lamp. The handmade woven wicker base with string lines and tie-in details gives this piece a distinctive sculptural element, perfect for your writing desk or side table. Dimensions – 50 Cm High x 25 Cm Diameter


These are just a few of my favourite Sculptural table lamps from Graham and Green. Hopefully, you can see how, despite the different materials and finishes, the sculptural element of each lamp is apparent. There are many more lamps in the Graham and Green range as well as other types of Sculptural lighting and interior design pieces.

You can view the wide range of Graham & Green lighting by clicking HERE.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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  1. Hi Michael

    I found your name on during the course of some extensive research I am doing on some lamps that I own. They were given to me in the late 80’s and have the Carlos Remes sticker on them.

    However they are not the “usual” urn style that I believe he produced, but a tessellated marble with brass inlay. They are extremely unusual and I had thought that maybe they were Robert Marcius because of the style and the wooden “box” they were structured around.

    However the Carlos Remes sticker is the best clue, and I would dearly appreciate it if you could give me your thoughts on them. They are a pair, I can send pictures.

    Thanks so much in advance; I really appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for these vintage pieces.

    I am looking to sell them.

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