Designer Wall Sconces – Modern Wall Lights

Designer Wall Sconces – Modern Wall Lights

The Comback of Designer Wall Sconces

Over the last few years, wall lights have gone out of fashion. Over the last 20 years or so there has been a trend to incorporate flush spotlighting into many living spaces a trend set off by the extensive use of spotlights in commercial settings. These ceiling-mounted spotlights are unobtrusive and can be angled and directed so that light could be used to highlight areas and wash walls with light. As the trend for spotlighting started to fade then more design-led ideas came to the fore in the lighting design houses around the UK. One of these reborn areas of lighting was the wall sconce or wall light. New bold designs started to appear, wall washers, impact designs and materials and colours that look good both when in use and ambient lighting made a strong comeback. Gilt gold, silver and bright finishes appeared as the market for designer wall lighting grew. So if you want some affordable but true designer wall lighting where do you go? In The United Kingdom, many companies exist, that have decades of experience producing quality indoor decorative lighting. In this post, I will show you some of my favourite designer wall sconces from one of these companies called Graham & Green. This small sample of lights will vary greatly in terms of design, colours and formats but all are unique designer lights that will add impact to any wall space. Graham & Green is an independent family-run business that started in 1974 with its first shop in the trendy Notting Hill in West London. The company started its online business in 1999 and has now gained a reputation for offering unique and beautifully designed quality homewares at an affordable price. Graham & Green offers a range of interior design items and lighting including a wide range of wall lights. Below are some of my personal favourites, there are of course many more to see on the Graham and Green website.

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Designer Wall Sconce

An unusually shaped designer wall light crafted from three tiers of curved discs with hand-formed Iron discs with an aged gold finish. A sculptural wall sconce with a style suited to a range of design concepts, Art Deco, Modernist etc. H28 cm x W45 cm x D19 cm


Designer Wall Sconce
A fabulous designer wall sconce and an enchanting addition to your home, this sparkling sea-themed wall light is shaped into an intricate coral design and topped with a sleek black shade. Made from Cast alloy with a nickel-chrome finish. H30 cm x W15 cm x D18 cm


designer wall sconce
The Cleopatra Wall Sconce exudes deco designer decadence. Its gold-leafed feather feature design will add texture to your wall and emit a glamorous gold glow. Hand-made from metal with a gold-aged finish that adds impact to a wall when lit and in ambient lighting. H27 cm x W19 cm x D11 cm.


Designer wall sconce

The Downton Wall Sconce has a decadent 1920s jazz age touch. Formed of aged mirrored shards with gold framing. The half-round wall sconce is an elegant and decorative designer wall light. H32 cm x W26 cm x D14 cm


designer wall sconce

A striking wall light handcrafted from aluminium with a rich and opulent gold finish. Featuring a delicately detailed botanical design complete with a contrasting black cotton shade. Designer lighting at a great price. H33 cm x W12.5 cm x D18 cm


designer wall sconce

Create elegant lighting with the botanical-inspired gold leaves light. With fronds of outspread leaves, this brushed gold feature light creates a unique focal point: display alone or in groups of two or three for a dramatic effect. The light is hand-made from metal with an Antiqued gold finish, an eye-catching rustic sconce suitable for a whole host of design settings. H33 cm x W26 cm x D16 cm.


designer wall sconce
The Juniper Wall Sconce is certainly an eye-catcher. A bright focal point in daylight and a warm and equally stand-out light in use, this light radiates elegant style, an organic centre of molten brass is surrounded by heavenly golden sunbursts. Made from steel with an applied gilt finish. Ø40 cm x D12 cm


designer wall sconce
The Lancelote sconce is handcrafted from aluminium and brass with an opulent gold finish, this unique leaf-shaped wall light is inspired by the beauty of nature. A stand-alone decorative light with a warm lighting effect. H38 cm x W10 cm x D8 cm.


designer wall sconce
A designer coastal-inspired wall light with a unique shell-shaped design and textured detailing. Handcrafted from aluminium with an opulent gold finish. H26 cm x W15 cm x D12 cm


designer wall sconce

Another eye-catching designer wall light from Graham and Green. handcrafted from aluminium with an opulent gold finish. A unique and interesting designer wall sconce and a striking addition to any space. H48 cm x W11.5 cm x D18 cm


designer wall sconce
Handcrafted from aluminium and brass with a contemporary aged silver finish, this unique leaf-shaped wall light is inspired by the beauty of nature. These lights will fit into any designer space and will add something unique with the natural design shining both in use and unlit. H33 cm x W14 cm x D9 cm.


designer wall sconce
Use your interior details to make a bold statement, starting with the Stella wall light. Crafted from iron, each one features several thin rods in varying lengths, shaped to resemble rays of light. Featuring a gold foil finish, the Stella wall light would be an eye-catching addition to any hallway, bedroom, or sitting room. A star designer sconce. H43 cm x W26 cm x D26 cm


These are just a few Designer Wall Lights from Graham and Green. Hopefully, you can see how, despite the different designs and varying shapes, these lights all have a designer feel which will add impact and the wow factor both in use and when unlit. There are many more types of wall sconces and lights in the Graham and Green range as well as other types of unusual and funky lighting and interior design pieces.

You can view the wide range of Graham & Green lighting by clicking HERE.

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