Quality Cut Glass Drinking Glasses and Barware By Waterford Glass – Feel and Taste the difference.

Quality Cut Glass Drinking Glasses and Barware By Waterford Glass – Feel and Taste the difference.

A Personal Introduction to Cut Glass Barware.

When I was a boy back in the 1970s I had a number of elderly relatives who owned 1930s built houses that were dated, stylised but felt grand. Everyone of these great old properties housed a fairly standard set of furniture and every lounge had a large wooden and glass display cabinet where my older relatives kept the “good stuff”
These cabinets housed all sorts of old drinks that only came out at Christmas, there were fascinating Art Deco cocktail stick sets, lemon juicers, jars of glace cherries, olives and other sundries of barware which only saw the light of day on big family occasions.
Every one of these exciting old cabinets also housed a selection of proper cut glass drinking glasses and decanters, these were given pride of place at the front of the cabinets and these old pieces of cut crystal glass would shine with the smallest element of sunlight that made it through the heavy curtains. I became fascinated with these lovely old examples of cut glass craftsmanship, the feel, the noise, the weight all screamed quality, even as a young boy I could appreciate that these 1930s glass items were something special, some were wedding gifts from many years before, some were passed down.

Taste the difference?

When I was a bit older I was given a soft drink in an old cut glass tumbler by my Great Uncle, he told me to take care with the glass and to enjoy the drink as it would taste much better from a proper glass. I have no idea if he just planted the idea in my head or how it happened but I found the drink was like nectar when drunk from the fine rim of a crystal glass, the glass felt good in my hand and the drink was amazing.
That is where my delight in cut glass drinking glasses started, in my home now I have an odd selection of cut glass barware. Modern cut glass flutes sit next to cut and etched wine glasses from 1920s Czechoslovakia which in turn sits next to a 1990s Scottish decanter and an assortment of Edinburgh whisky tumblers. My prize possession is a small early 20th Century Waterford cut-glass tumbler that I was given as a young man by my great Uncle and I swear that a measure of Scotch tastes far better out of this glass than any other glass I have tried. The sparkle, weight, sound and opulence of my Waterford tumbler is wonderful.

Waterford Cut Glass Crystal Drinking Glasses

My old friend loaded and ready.

Cut glass from an interior design angle.

Cut glass barware, drinking glasses and decanters are in themselves interesting and eye-catching interior design items, a tray of glasses and a half-filled decanter sitting on a tabletop in a semi-shaded room brings light and sparkle to a space and can interact with both modern and antique interiors.
Waterford Crystal was named after the town in Ireland where it was produced, the production started in the late 1700s and ended in Waterford in the 1990s. The production of Waterford glass now takes place in Europe as part of the quality Fiskars group. Modern production methods still concentrate on the top product quality and hand-finishing methods of years gone, the Waterford name is now enjoying a modern renaissance with many modern ranges inspired by quality established designers some of whom are household names. The classic styles of drinking glasses and barware are still available meaning that the modern Waterford range has something for every taste and for every interior

My Favourites from the Waterford range.

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Classics from the Waterford Range.

Waterford Cut Glass Drinking Glasses

The Old Fashioned Olann range here we see the Tumbler with a dramatic diamond effect design inspired by the historic and iconic ‘diamond stitch’ Olaan knitwear, look how the light plays from the crystal glass.

Waterford Cut Glass drinking glasses

Here we see Waterford Lismore Pilsner glasses and Martini glasses. The Lismore range is an aged classic that has been updated and looks sharp enough to fit any interior.

Waterford Cut Glass Drinking Glasses

The Waterford Whiskey & Water and Retro Decanter set. Beautiful classic styling with a Retro twist.

Waterford Cut Glass drinking glasses

The Waterford Marquis Maxwell range. Elegantly combining Irish tradition with style these Marquis Maxwell tumblers have a reassuring weight with a solid base enhanced by the striking deep cut pattern of vertical and diagonal cuts, an all-time classic.

Modern designs from the Waterford Range.

waterford cut glass drinking glasses

The Waterford Diamond line, blending classic & contemporary cut designs on modern shapes.

Waterford Cut Glass drinking glassesWaterford Mixology range offers an innovative approach on fine entertaining with a collection of coloured and clear crystal stemware & barware featuring brilliant cuts and coloured crystal including talon red, neon lime green, purple and argon blue. A marriage of classic skills and modern design.

Waterford crystal drinking glasses

The Waterford Elegance classic Champagne Flute. Not cut glass but a fine crystal stemmed flute which will make any glass of fizz taste that little bit better.

Waterford Crystal Drinking glasses

Waterford Elegance Single Malt Glasses – Quality spirits can only be fully and truly appreciated when experienced in the proper vessel. These Elegance glasses by Waterford, the expert of crystal stemware, are designed to bring out the best of a fine distilled and full flavoured single malt whisky. Each handcrafted and lead-free crystal stem is uniquely contemporary in design and is a modern classic.


Despite the changes in location and ownership that have happened over the last 20+ years the Waterford name is still, quite rightly, associated with top-quality cut crystal glass products. The skills and craftsmanship of the Waterford company is evident in every piece of Waterford glass.

Waterford offer a wide range of drinking glasses and barware as well as an outstanding range of lighting including chandeliers and table lamps. Waterford also offer a range of vases, gifts and tableware. You can view the Waterford range HERE.

I hope you have found this post interesting and that I may have sparked an interest in quality cut glass & crystal drinking glasses which really do add “something” to any tipple. I am always happy to receive any comments. Thank you for reading.


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