Tom Dixon Lighting – Feeling The Tom Dixon Beat

Tom Dixon Lighting – Feeling The Tom Dixon Beat

Tom Dixon.

A name linked for many decades with truly unique and wonderful items of furniture, interior design and of course lighting.

Tom Dixon was a self-taught designer; he started making one off pieces of furniture in a motor garage welding workshop owned by his friend. In the late 1980s he made his first piece of lighting which was a one off Spiral metal ceiling pendant which produced an unusual and active lighting effect.

In 1994 the “Jack” light appeared, I always believed that the Jack was a reference to the old school game of Jacks, this fabulous floor lamp is now a lighting classic and sought after by collectors and interior designers alike.

Tom Dixon lighting now has a range of hundreds of beautiful Lamps, Pendants, Chandeliers and wall lights on offer. All Tom Dixon lighting is beautifully made and of the highest quality. The designs look just as good unlit as they do when lit and in use. Profiles are sharp, designs are proportioned and all the Tom Dixon pendants work really well as standalone designs as well as being a great choice for larger open spaces such as restaurants and bars.

The Tom Dixon Beat

In the early 2000s Tom Dixon was part of an initiative in India which helped traditional craftsmen in Northern India keep their amazing metal working skills alive. The Tom Dixon Beat light was born from that initiative.

Each Beat Light is made from quality spun and hand brazed Brass with the interior having beaten hammered surface marks. Each beat lamp will be unique.
The quality of Tom Dixon Beat Lighting is very high, there are some inferior and poor copies on the market but once you have held and used an original beat light you will quickly feel its quality both in terms of material quality and craftsmanship, it is said that a beat pendant shade can take up to 4 days to manufacture by hand.

Any Beat light be it a single Pendant or cluster of lights has a unique look and is a wonderful marriage of Modern design and the ethnic look that has been popular since it first appeared in western countries hundreds of years ago, the hammering on a Beat pendant is beautifully done, when you hold a beat light you can almost “feel” the work and craftsmanship that has gone into the process of turning a piece of quality spun Brass into your new light. The hammered finish of these lights looks beautiful but don’t forget that the finish is part of the illumination design and the hammered finish produces a wonderful warm glow.  The Internal finish of the beat range varies but they all produce fabulous lighting effects.

The Range of Tom Dixon Beat Ceiling Pendants comes in various colours and finishes. They are all the very highest quality and match anything available in today’s lighting market in terms of build and material quality.

Below you can see my Personal Favourites from the Tom Dixon Beat range.

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The Tom Dixon website is full of iconic and wonderful items of lighting and can be viewed HERE.

Tom Dixon Beat Fat Pendant

An Iconic light, with an almost architectural profile. Excellent as a centre focus point light in a living space or dotted at different heights around a large area.




The Tom Dixon Beat Fat Black Pendant.

30 Cm High x 24 Cm Diameter – Painted Brass


The Tom Dixon Beat Fat White Pendant.

30 Cm High x 24 Cm Diameter – Painted Brass


Tom Dixon Beat Wide Pendant.

Another icon of quality lighting design – My personal favourite with a classic retro shape that hints at 1960s & 1970s Scandinavian lighting.

The Wide pendant would be an excellent choice over a dining table or lined up along a large island unit. I have seen many coffee bars and restaurants lit beautifully with Wide pendants set at varying heights. These lights produce a great lighting effect when in use and a visual treat when unlit.

The Tom Dixon Beat Wide Pendant shown in Grey.

16 Cm High x 36 Cm Diameter – Silver Plated Brass

The Tom Dixon Beat Wide Pendant shown in Lacquered Brass.

16 Cm High x 36 Cm Diameter – Spun Brass Shade, Patinated Exterior, Hand Beaten Interior 

Tom Dixon Beat Flat Pendant.

Simple Structural lines with a touch 1970s retro. Modernist, simple and beautiful.

Tom Dixon Beat Flat Pendant in Matt Black

20 Cm High x 60 Cm Diameter – Painted Brass


Tom Dixon Beat Waist Pendant.

A large diameter waisted pendant offering another fantastic bold profile option to the Tom Dixon range.


Tom Dixon Beat Waist Pendant in Matt Black.

33 Cm High x 41 Cm Diameter – Painted Brass

Tom Dixon Beat Stout Pendant.

A large bold pendant with a shape reminiscent of an Asian cooking pot.



Tom Dixon Beat Stout Pendant in Light Grey.

50 Cm High x 52 Cm Diameter – Silver Plated Brass


Tom Dixon Beat Pendant Systems.

For a large space and for the ultimate Interior Design statement the Beat range of pendants is available in a range of cluster systems which provide a range of profiles and lighting statements in one impressive unit. Perfect for lighting large spaces in Restaurants and meeting places with the Linear system being ideal for bar settings.

Tom Dixon Beat Trio Round Pendant System in Matt Black.

Drop 126 Cm – Cluster Diameter 68 Cm – Ceiling Canopy Diameter 58 Cm – Painted Brass



Tom Dixon Beat Trio Linear Pendant System in Matt Black

Cluster Length 170 Cm – Ceiling Canopy Length 157 Cm – Width 60 Cm (shade) – Painted Brass


The Beat range of Tom Dixon Ceiling pendants is Unique in today’s lighting market. These Beat lights are a marriage of traditional skills with modern manufacturing techniques and of course modern world-class design.

For this type of lighting in this format I believe that the Tom Dixon Beat range of ceiling pendants is unsurpassed.

There are many more Tom Dixon Ceiling Lights available in a wide range of shapes and forms, they are all wonderful designs.

Have a browse through the Tom Dixon range of quality designer pendant lighting HERE

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Michael Adkins.


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2 thoughts on “Tom Dixon Lighting – Feeling The Tom Dixon Beat

  1. I love these Tom Dixon Beat lamps, such a timeless style. I didn’t know the history of them tho’ and the interesting fact they were made in India using the original craft skills. Makes sense now you’ve mentioned it.
    As you say, the ‘look’ has been copied a million times in recent years with this style of hanging lamp showing up so often in commercial interiors and restaurants. But the cheap Chinese knock offs bear no similarity in terms of quality of materials and workmanship to the original Tom Dixon lamps.

    1. Hi – Thank you for the comment – you are correct about the copies – If you hold a cheap Chinese copy against a Tom Dixon original there really in no comparison – Also the lighting effect is no where near as good and “lively” as the Tom Dixon lights,

      Regards Mike

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