Buying a Tom Dixon Lamp.

Buying a Tom Dixon Lamp.

Tom Dixon Table and Desk Lamps.

Tom Dixon A name linked for many decades with truly unique and wonderful items of furniture, interior design and of course lighting. Tom Dixon was a self-taught designer; he started making one-off pieces of furniture in a motor garage welding workshop owned by his friend. In the late 1980’s he made his first piece of lighting which was a one-off Spiral metal ceiling pendant which produced an unusual and active lighting effect. In 1994 the “Jack” light appeared, I always believed that the Jack was a reference to the old school game of Jacks, this fabulous floor lamp is now a lighting classic and sought after by collectors and interior designers alike.

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Tom Dixon Lamps a range of modern classics.

When I discuss the Tom Dixon brand with people it is surprising how many people are familiar with the Tom Dixon Beat range of pendants but who are unaware of the other types of lighting offered by Tom Dixon.

You can see a summary of the Tom Dixon beat range of pendants HERE

The Tom Dixon range has a wonderful selection of hundreds of beautiful Lamps, Pendants, Chandeliers and wall lights on offer.
The range of Tom Dixon table lamps and desk lamps is not huge but each piece in the range is a modern classic with each lamp having the unique Tom Dixon look.
Tom Dixon lighting is beautifully made and of the very highest quality. The table and desk lamps look fantastic in use and have design’s and profiles that are sharp and iconic, Tom Dixon lamp designs are beautifully proportioned and add a great look to desk or table tops both in use and as a stand-alone interior design object

The Tom Dixon Beat range of Desk Lamps.

In the early 2000s, Tom Dixon was part of an initiative in India which helped traditional craftsmen in Northern India keep their amazing metalworking skills alive. The Tom Dixon Beat range was born from that initiative.
These Beat desk lamps are a perfect foil for the matching range of Beat pendants giving the opportunity to connect all elements of a lighting scheme in an interior scheme or space. Each Beat Lampshade is made from quality spun and hand brazed Brass with the interior having beaten hammered surface marks. Each beat lampshade will be unique.

Tom Dixon Table Lamps

Depth 36 cm x Width 36 cm x Height 53 cm

Tom Dixon Bell Lamps



Bell table lamps from Tom Dixon have a great retro look and have a design feel that takes me back to the early 1970s. The Bell range comes in two sizes and is offered in a number of finishes that vary in both in colour and reflective properties. These lamps have built-in dimmers making these top of the range lights suitable for a whole host of uses and settings.

Tom Dixon Table Lamps

Large Bell Lamp – Width 40 cm x Height 60 cm

Tom Dixon Melt table lamps.

If you own a Tom Dixon Melt table lamp then congratulations as you are the owner of a modern classic and an icon of designer lighting. In terms of lighting effect the Melt is unique. It has a hot blown glass effect lampshade that provides a mesmerising light to surrounding space and surfaces, again the Melt idea is available in a range of ceiling pendants allowing a theme to run through the lighting of any space.tom dixon table lamps

Depth 28 cm x Width 28 cm x Height 43 cm

The Tom Dixon Stone table lamp.

The Stone lamp provides a soft and translucent lighting effect provided by the natural Morward marble material, the veining and translucence of the marble allows the Stone lamp glow in use, the Tom Dixon range of wall lights includes matching wall lights & pendants in the Stone design.Tom Dixon Lamps

Height 14 Cm x Diameter 18 Cm

The Tom Dixon Base table lamp.

Solid and sturdy with a base manufactured from cast iron with a matt textured finish, the shades for the Base lamp are available in Brass and highly polished copper. These Tom Dixon Base lamps have an industrial feel and would make wonderful and modern bedside table lamps. The Base design is also available in wall and floor mounted versions.

Tom Dixon Table Lamp

Depth 27 cm x Width 21 cm x Height 39 cm


The quality of Tom Dixon Lighting is very high in terms of build quality and design.

The Tom Dixon website is full of iconic and wonderful items of lighting, the website also has a wide range of simply stunning modern furniture and interior design accessories. If you visit the website you will also be able to see some interesting case studies on projects such as restaurants, hotels and even churches that have used the Tom Dixon range.

The wonderful range of Tom Dixon Table Lamps, Desk Lights, Lighting & furniture can be viewed and purchased at the official Tom Dixon website HERE.

PLEASE NOTE – there are some inferior and poor copies on the market but once you have held and used an original piece of Tom Dixon lighting you will quickly feel its quality both in terms of material quality and craftsmanship.

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Michael Adkins.

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8 thoughts on “Buying a Tom Dixon Lamp.

  1. The tom dixon lamps are some of the best looking lamps on the market and you can’t go wrong with purchasing one. I think that these scream elegance and any high class person would want some of these decorating their house. They are functional and cool looking at the same time. What is your favorite tom dixon lamp?

    1. Hi Jon, I agree, they are a fantastic looking range and as you say they are also functional, My favourite is the Melt lamp, I just love the look and find it amazing in use.



  2. Hi! I think the Tom Dixon lamps are gorgeous. I especially like the melting lamp and the Stone table lamp. I also like the story behind the lamps that you describe in your post. I am sure there is a big difference between cheap copies and the real thing. Are you going to add the price beside the lamps ? I found the prices in the link at the bottom of your post. I think you should link the photo to the item in the shop or leave a link to the shop beside every lamp – just a friendly tip – It will be easier to find and buy. I looked in the unique summary of best lamps as well and found many excellent and beautiful pendant lamps there as well. The webshop looked great and easy to navigateI will definitely consider a Tom Dixon lamp next time I need a lamp.

    1. Hi Hilde – Thank you for the comment, the Melt lamp is one of my favourites from the Tom Dixon range. If you ever get the chance to hold and feel an Original Tom Dixon lamp then you will instantly be able to recognise a cheaper copy.

      Kind Regards


  3. Hiya Michael 

    What a wonderful collection of lighting solutions! I’d never heard of Tom Dixon but I’ll certainly be looking him up now. This was so interesting, beautiful pictures, I love all the different styles available. Reading about the history of the Tom Dixon lamp was fascinating, so much talent. 

    The Tom Dixon Melt is absolutely stunning, I’d love one in my bedroom. Is the Tom Dixon Bell lamp available in purple? If so I’ll have two! 

    Thank you for sharing his work in such a well laid out manner, it’s been a real eye opener for me as to what’s out there. I am keeping it for more home decor ideas, krs PurpleLioness 

    1. Hi There – Thank you for the comment, Tom Dixon is a bit of a start in the world of designer lighting, the range is not cheap BUT is worth every penny due to the unique design and really high build quality.

      Regards – Mike

  4. Hi Mike, it’s Pete Kelly. I am interested in Art Deco or similar pendant lights for a restaurant/bar I am working on. Contact number- 07725626119 Thanks Pete Kelly

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