Rustic Wood Table Lamps. A Guide to French Wooden Table Lamps

Rustic Wood Table Lamps. A Guide to French Wooden Table Lamps

The Natural Beauty of Rustic Wood.

Wooden table lamps have a timeless appeal, wooden lamp bases have been made since the dawn of electric lighting. Wood can not only be beautiful to look at and admire but can also provide a tactile surface and can bring a touch of nature to your home or living space. A rustic wooden table lamp is a great choice for those people who want that natural element in a lighting scheme, generally a rustic lamp will not have a fine finish, there will be no attempt made to cover up natural features of the wood such as knots, fissures and graining, rustic lamps will often be unique items due to the natural and unregulated material that is wood, you may buy two lamps from the same shop or supplier and find that the lamps have very different grain patterns and touches of colour due to the natural make up of wood. Many manufacturers of rustic wooden table lamps will apply final finishes that highlight the features and colours found in the material they use. Some rustic lamps will have an applied finish over the wooden base, these finishes are often distressed and roughly applied to allow the natural wooden material to peek through. Rustic wooden lamps are highly versatile and with a little thought can fit into a wide range of interior ideas from ethnic, nautical, shabby chic and even in modern contemporary settings.

Affordable French Style.

In this post, I am going to show you some of my favourite lamps from the wonderful French Interiors company that is Maisons Du Monde. Maisons du Monde started business in western France over 20 years ago. The company offers a unique look through its products and in the way that the Maisons du Monde stores and website offers multi-style offerings in a wide range of home decoration spheres from lighting, soft furnishings, decorative objects right through to furniture and larger items for a home. Maisons du Monde creates ideas and inspires through the interplay and matching of the products they offer, including of course rustic wooden table lamps.


CHALET Mahogany Lamp with White Shade 

Dimensions (cm): Height 60 x Width 40 x Depth 40

Invite nature into your home with the CHALET Mahogany Lamp with White Shade. You’re going to love its botanical look for brightening up your days. Its untreated wood looks like a tree trunk and warms the style up. I love the harmonious combination of natural wood with an understated white shade.

Rustic Wooden Table Lamps

MOCOA Bamboo Lamp with Grey Shade

Dimensions (cm): Height 41 x Width 28 x Depth 28

A lamp that has a wonderful combination of the natural beauty of bamboo set against the contrast of a White modern finish.

rustic table lamp

PANCOLE Paulownia Lamp with Floral Print Shade

Dimensions (cm): Height 50.5 x Width 25 x Depth 25 

A distressed lamp with a rustic finish mated with the perfect complementary shade.

NILS Paulownia Lamp with White Shade

Dimensions (cm): Height 57 x Width 28.5 x Depth 28.5

A stacked wooden ball lamp with a sectioned construction. The Nils lamp makes the most of the rustic natural wood. Shown with a White shade that allows the wooden construction to shine.

rustic wooden table lamp

ESPERANZA Grey Carved Mango Wood Candlestick Lamp and matching Grey Shade.

Dimensions (cm): Height 46 x Width 23.5 x Depth 23.5

A lovely mid-toned lamp made from sustainable Mango wood. The lamp has a turned shape and is shown with neutral Grey drum shade that offers the perfect balance to the Mango wood grain patterns.

rustic table lamp

PETUNIA Carved Lamp with Blue Floral Print Shade

Dimensions (cm): Height 57 x Width 30 x Depth 30

A carved and turned wooden lamp base with a rustic applied finish, shown with a blue floral print lampshade.

rustic wooden table lamp

NADOR Mango Wood Lamp with White Shade.

Dimensions (cm): Height 46.5 x Width 25 x Depth 25

A simple Mango wood turned cone lamp with vivid rustic wood grain patterns.

rustic wood lamp base

SONNET Mango Wood Bedside Lamp with a White Cotton ruffled Lampshade

Dimensions (cm): Height 38 x Width 22 x Depth 22

A White Mango Wood Lamp with Ruffled Shade. Decorated with a cute bow making this ideal as a bedside lamp. This rustic lamp features a mango wood base with slightly bleached mouldings.

rustic wooden table lamp

REGINA Paulownia Wood Bleached Lamp with Grey Shade

Dimensions (cm): Height 72 x Width 36 x Depth 36

A lightly bleached rustic wooden lamp with a contrasting grey lampshade.

HEDMARK Rubber Wood Lamp with Green Shade

Dimensions (cm): Height 44 x Width 26 x Depth 25

A Rubber Wood table lamp in a modern but rustic design – Shown with a neutral green shade.

rustic table lamp

LAGUNE Poplar Lamp with Ecru Cotton Lampshade

Dimensions (cm): Height 41.5 x Width 40 x Depth 17

The rectangular LAGUNE Poplar Lamp with Ecru Cotton Shade will throw out some lovely ambient lighting. This lamp assembled from poplar timber will deliver a natural feel wherever you locate it in your interior. Design detail: the visible irregularities in the wood lend it an authentic rustic appearance.


These rustic wooden lamps will fit a wide variety of settings and interiors, Maison Du Monde offers a wonderful selection of lighting, interior design objects and furniture. Browse the Maisons Du Monde Website & you will find some great interior ideas that match lamps and other items with furniture and decorative objects.

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Michael Adkins.

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6 thoughts on “Rustic Wood Table Lamps. A Guide to French Wooden Table Lamps

  1. These are absolutely beautiful wooden table lamps that is  actually made of wood.  Some of them are obvious that they are made out of wood. Some of them look like they are made out of metal or even plastic type, but it is interesting to know that is made out of wood and out of french wood. Are these wooden lamps one of a kind or are they mass products? It’s interesting to know.

    1. Hi Brittany. These lamps are mass produced, however due to the natural material that is wood and the combination of hand applied finishes you will find that each lamp can differ slightly allowing a slightly unique feel to the wonderful & natural material that is wood.

      Kind Regards


  2. Wow! It’ an amazing article. Thank you so much for sharing this fascinating article with us. I enjoyed reading your article. You shared with us the description of different types of items which is very useful for us. We all love the beauty of the house which makes our house look natural and this is why I chose wood lamp for my room. For a long time I have been looking for a re-designed wood lamp. I have seen many types of wood lamo by reading your article and I liked the MOCOA bambo lamp with grey shade. I decided to buy it and share your article with my friends. 

    Best of luck

    1. Hi There – Thank you for the comment, I am really happy that you found the article interesting and saw some lamps that you like. The Mocoa lamp is a natural and lovely choice for adding warmth and a natural vibe to a space.

      Wishing you all the best in your attempts to add a natural look to your home.

      Regards Mike

  3. Awesome! I love rustic decorations, they are one of my favorites. My boyfriend and I are looking to build a rustic house so these lamps could fit perfectly in our house.

    My favorite in the ones you presented is the first one. I love it’s unique style and look.

    I think the rustic style will never go old, it’s always a style that I find beautiful inside houses. That’s my opinion but I really like it. It makes different than all the modern look we have nowadays.

    I will take a deeper look to the models you shared here. Thanks a lot! 🙃


    1. Hi Audrey, you are correct about the rustic style, it has always been available in various forms of homeware but has had a strong comeback over the last few years, almost as a counter movment to the clean and minimalist look.



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