Quality UK Lighting Retailers and Manufacturers – My Guide to the best quality lighting available.

Quality UK Lighting Retailers and Manufacturers – My Guide to the best quality lighting available.

Quality British Lighting

The UK is blessed to have many world-renowned designers, manufacturers and retails of quality lighting. Here in the UK, we have some “household” names associated with iconic quality lighting as well as world leaders whose names would not be known outside the field of interior designers and architects.

There is a lot of cheaply made imported lighting on the market if you were to make a quick search on Google for quality lighting you will find a mass of results with many of them being for cheap interior lighting products imported from Asia. There is nothing wrong with much of this lighting and it serves a purpose and has a market. But what if you want something better, where do you go if you want a piece of quality lighting or something different to the mass-produced “sameness” available in many household stores and on many websites?

Based on my many years of involvement in lighting I have assembled a list of my favourite quality lighting retailers and manufacturers. The range of product styles is vast, in this list, I am sure you will find something that suits your design criteria. I have tried to fit this list into four categories.

1. Designer – Lighting that stands apart in form & finish.

2. Classic – Lighting based on Antique & classic designs and finishes.

3. Modern Industrial.

4. Other – Which includes British Wrought Iron lighting and commercial specialists.

These categories are loose and not strictly defined as there is always a degree of overlap in the designs and products offered. Many of these companies manufacture in the UK and some manufacture overseas. What links all of the companies on this list is Quality, both in the manufacture and the design of the products they offer. There is also something for every pocket, you do not have to pay a fortune for something of quality. If you find a company on this list that takes your fancy then look on the company website for a local stockist as this may allow you to see a product in person before purchase. In my list below you will find links to the websites of these excellent British lighting suppliers.


Tom Dixon.

Tom Dixon A name linked for many decades with truly unique and wonderful items of lighting as well as furniture and interior design objects. Tom Dixon was a self-taught designer who has created many modern lighting Icons.

You can read my summary of some of the Tom Dixon range HERE.

The Official Tom Dixon website can be viewed HERE.

Abigale Ahern.

Abigail Ahern is a name associated with unusual and trendsetting designs in lighting, home accessories and interior designs. Abigail has an enchanting take on interiors and the Abigail Ahern brand offers a whole host of unusual lighting ideas.

You can read my overview of Abigale Ahermns lighting HERE.

You can view the Abigale Ahearn website HERE.


OKA was launched in 1999, the three founders of the company came together and pooled their varied skillsets to create a wonderful range of lighting products as well as interior design items and furniture. The OKA name is highly regarded with Interior designers and homeowners alike.

You can view the OKA website HERE.

Hector Finch.

Hector Finch started life in the 1980s in the North of England. The company evolved and is now based in London and indeed globally. The Hector Finch range is a fine mixture of classic and modern designs with some simply stunning items of top quality lighting.

You can view the Hector Finch website HERE.

Porta Romana.

Porta Romana starting trading in the late 1980s. British made quality and outstanding designs are the trademarks of Porta Romana who produce a unique and quite beautiful range of lighting. Have a look at the Porta roman website and view the range and history of the company.

You can view the Porta Romana website HERE.

Bella Figura.

Bella figura has a showroom and is based at the Chelsea design centre in SW London. They also have showrooms across N. America. Bella Figura specialises in bringing fine designer lighting to the market, they specialise in British and Italian lighting which they design with and source directly from manufacturers. The range of lighting offered is from Classic to modern contemporary designs.

You can view the Bella Figura website HERE.


Graham & Green.

Graham & Green have been in business for over 40 years. They are a family-run success story. Graham & Green offer a wide range of home decoration products including a really lovely and very different range of designer lighting. They describe themselves as lifestyle merchandisers and you view the Graham & Green website. The lighting on offer is well made and affordable with many unique items.

You can view the Graham & Green website HERE.

David Hunt Lighting.

David Hunt has a reputation for providing British hand made lighting fixtures, designs range from classic antique style to modern. In the year 2000 David Hunt became part of the large DAR group and has a wide expanded range of quality lighting products. Based in the Cotswolds the David Hunt name is well known for providing quality products. You will find the David Hunt range at many quality independent lighting retailers across the country.

You can view the David Hunt Lighting website HERE.


Heathfield started business in the late 1970s, they have a reputation for hand made and top quality lighting which is produced in Kent south of London, the Heathfield range has some outstanding designs and is large covering all aspects of lighting. In my opinion, Heathfield offers some of the loveliest table lamps you will find anywhere in the world.

You can view the Heathfield website HERE.


Tyson London.

Tyson London produces some stunning lighting as well as furniture and interior design objects. Tyson offers some beautiful one-offs and many lovely items with an ethnic feel to the design and choice of materials. Tyson has a workshop in Sussex south of London where items are hand made. Some of the large Tyson lamps are wonderful creations and of the very best quality.

You can view the Tyson London website HERE



The SOHO Lighting Company.

The SOHO Lighting Company is based in central London, a newcomer to the world of quality lighting design and manufacture SOHO have been offering a fabulous range of classic designs since 2017.

The SOHO Lighting Website can be viewed HERE.


Besselink & Jones.

Besselink & Jones offer possibly the finest hand made lighting anywhere in the world. Since 1959 they have manufactured hand made lighting products of the highest quality with no shortcuts on material quality or workmanship.

You can read my review of Besselink & Jones swing arm wall lights HERE.

The Besselink & Jones website can be viewed HERE.

Vaughan Designs.

Vaughan produces a wonderful range of classic lighting designs as well as beautifully crafted designer lighting. Explore the Vaughan range and you will find lighting based on Antiques sitting next to beautiful modernist designs, Vaughan has been in production for 35 years. I have dealt with Vaughan on several occasions and am happy to report that they offer a very high level of customer service.

You can read my review of the Vaughan Library wall light HERE.

The Vaughan Designs website can be viewed HERE.

Christopher Wray.

Christopher Wray is probably the best-known name in the world of quality British lighting. The brand has been in existence since the mid-1960s and has a great reputation built on quality lighting products. Revision 2023 Sadly this great of British Lighting has ceased trading – Early Christopher Wray lighting will become even more popular now.

You can read my review of the Christopher Wray lighting emporium HERE.

Tindle Lighting

Tindle lighting has been selling quality lighting products from its West London showroom for over 25 years. Tindle lighting is owned by Dernier & Hamlyn. Tindle has a reputation for exclusivity and quality hand made products.

You can view the Tindle Lighting website HERE

Christopher Hyde.

Christopher Hyde is another top UK company which supplies a range of classic lighting along with a contemporary range. Each piece of lighting is individually and hand made to create top-quality products.

Edit 2022 – The Lighting Emporium is sadly no longer in business.


Modern Industrial.


A British lighting company that is known the world over. An iconic company producing quality modern Industrial Modern lighting with roots that go back 80 Years to the original Anglepoise Herbert Terry lamps. Today Anglepoise offers the classic desk lamp in a range of sizes and colours as well as floor lamps, wall lights and ceiling pendants.

You can read my review of Vintage Anglepoise desk lamps HERE

The Anglepoise website can be viewed HERE.


Original BTC.

A British lighting success story. Formed 30 years ago Original BTC and its sister company Davey Lighting specialises in hand made British industrial style lighting. Original BTC offers pendants, ceiling lights, table lamps and floor lamps as well as specialist lighting. Original BTC lighting is beautifully handcrafted from a variety of materials including metal, glass and ceramics.

You can view the Original BTC website HERE


Other quality British lighting companies.


Although not strictly a Lighting company Vinterior has to be on this list. Vinterior is a wonderful website with a huge range of vintage interior design items and always has a fine range of vintage and original retro lighting from a wide range of design eras. It is a great looking website. TIP – if you visit Vinterior and see something you like then buy it asap as the lighting is often a one-off offering and may be gone when you return.

You can view the Vinterior website HERE.

Jim Lawrence.

Jim Lawrence specialises in Wrought iron Lighting but has a range that covers Brass, other metals and glass. Started in the mid-1990s Jim Lawrence has a reputation for providing quality hand made lighting. The Jim Lawrence wrought iron designs are often simple & rustic making the most of the materials used in the construction.

You can read my review of the Jim Lawrence globe pendant light HERE.

You can view the Jim Lawrence website HERE.

Dernier & Hamlyn.

Dernier & Hamlyn design and manufacture a fabulous range of light fittings in the UK. The company has been in existence since the late 1800s. With a factory in London Dernier & Hamlyn manufacture top-quality lighting for designers’ specific requirements and for luxury residences and hotels, superyachts and restaurants.

You can view the Dernier & Hamlyn website HERE

Great British Lighting.

With a history that goes back over 100 years, Great British Lighting is a name known to designers, architects and interior specialists. Great British lighting offers restoration and historical customisation services. The company also offers a hand made decorative metalwork service.

You can view the Great British Lighting website HERE.

Jenny Worrall.

The Jenny Worrall lamp range is hand-decorated. The lamps produced by Jenny Worrall are quite beautiful and different from anything else on the market. The decoration is based on the Antique Victorian method of Potichomania. Potichomania is the process of printing or using paint to decorate the inside of a glass vessel, this process was developed during the 19th Century to imitate decorated porcelain ceramics.

You can read my review of a Jenny Worrall hand decorated lamp HERE.

Nigel Tyas Ironwork.

Nigel Tyas is a specialist Ironwork company. They produce a fine range of Ironwork including a range of beautiful and highly stylised wrought iron Lighting that has a fantastic look and build quality. Nigel Tyas is well worth a look if you are in the market for British Wrought ironwork or Lighting.

You can view the Nigel Tyas website HERE.

Serious Readers.

As the name suggests Serious Readers specialise in manufacturing reading lights. The designs are based around a purpose which is to provide aid to reading. The lights are stylised but the function is key with a serious reader lamp, they work exceptionally well and are built like a tank. Serious readers are a specialist British lighting company that make the best reading lights in the world, the lights come as desk table lamps in various sizes as well as a variety of floor lamps.

You can view the Serous Readers website HERE.

I hope that you have found this post interesting and helpful. If you have any comments or would like to make any input I would love to hear from you.


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7 thoughts on “Quality UK Lighting Retailers and Manufacturers – My Guide to the best quality lighting available.

  1. Hello there! This is an awesome review you’ve got here. It would been more cool if you had included the pictures of these lights so visitors like me can see what they intend to buy.

    Moreover, I’ll look out for that “Serious Readers” as it’s preferable for me as a student who only has the time to read at time.


    1. Hi there – Thank you for the comment. This post is meant to be just a library or a list of the Top UK Quality Lighting manufacturers and suppliers. These companies offer many thousands of products, the post is really meant as a “starting point” for anyone looking for top quality lighting rather than an idea page.

      Regards Michael

  2. I pride myself as having an artistic eye but I’m always stumped when it comes to indoor decor. The lighting, furniture, and aesthetics were something I couldn’t get right together on my own, which often results in me calling over a friend or a professional decorator whenever I want to change my decor. However, I love the British lighting featured in this post. I’ve checked out some of them and the Abigale Ahern piece is my favourite. I’ll look to get one for myself. 

    1. Hi – If you go to the Abigail Ahern website you will find many tips and ideas for interior designs. Abigail also offers interior design courses and if you search on youtube you will find many videos from Abigail Ahern which offer tips and ideas.

      Regards Michael

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